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ISIS jihadis chuckle as they fluff their lines of Islamist hate in a bizarre blooper reel leaked...


Al-Qaeda's propaganda wing has leaked an ISIS blooper reel to humiliate their rivals in Yemen, featuring Islamic State's giggling outtakes from videos of murderous jihad.

The footage shows young fighters dressed in military garb laughing as they fluff their lines in a video made by ISIS in Yemen in 2017.

One of the ISIS fighters seems to be overwhelmed by the persistent squawking of a bird and can't help laughing as it interrupts his Islamist threats.

The clip was posted on Twitter by Oxford University academic Elisabeth Kendall and shows a man identified as Abu Muhammad al-Adeni speaking to the camera. 

In the footage he tried to renew his allegiance to ISIS but is repeatedly interrupted by a noisy bird off camera.

He begins by saying, 'All praises are due to allah alone and peace and blessings upon our prophet, whom there is no prophet after...' But he falters and chuckles when the bird chirps in the background.