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Jordan Peterson's Thinkspot Is a Welcome Social Media Option. Will It Work?

•, Tyler Curtis

Last month, the controversial psychologist and popular public speaker Jordan Peterson announced that he is creating a new social media site. Billed as an "anti-censorship" platform, "Thinkspot" would allow users to post virtually whatever they want. "Once you're on our platform we won't take you down unless we're ordered to by a US court of law," Peterson promised.

Free Speech Under Attack?

For those worried that large social media companies are unfairly discriminating against conservatives, Thinkspot is a welcome development. What were once seemingly bastions of free speech, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have shown increasing willingness to silence and ban users who express opinions deemed offensive (though, often, this merely means that it was inimical to the progressive orthodoxy).

Examples of "de-platforming" are legion. Specifically, Peterson calls attention to users who have been suspended from Twitter for "misgendering" a trans person and mocking laid-off journalists by telling them to "learn to code." But the issue came to a head recently when right-wing comedian Steven Crowder found that his YouTube channel had been demonetized—but not suspended—after mocking Vox journalist Carlos Maza, who is gay, as a "lispy queer."

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