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New survival gear videos from the Health Ranger: Muddy pistols...

•, by: Mike Adams

 Part of my promise to reader is to not only share wisdom about nutritional healing and disease prevention, but also help you stay healthy and alive during collapse scenarios that may place you at risk of personal injury or assault. The No. 1 best tool for self-defense that can aid adults of any age is the pistol. A pistol is the "great equalizer" that can allow a 120 lb. frail elderly woman to stop a 250 lb. monstrous predator who intends to cause her harm. This is probably why the fastest growing group of gun owners in America is women.

As the political landscape becomes increasingly volatile — and America seems headed for internal strife initiated by armed left-wing Antifa terrorists — more and more people are seeking out practical solutions for self-defense. Today, I bring you two instructional videos plus a podcast that can help you avoid costly mistakes while accelerating your personal preparedness using the right gear and techniques.

As always, keep it legal and follow all local laws about pistols, knives and ammunition. Everything you see in these videos is legally owned and responsibly handled. Get professional training before you attempt these skills yourself. The purpose of all these skills is purely self-defense.

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