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Another Idiotic "Free Money" Proposal, This One From Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

•, by Mike Mish Shedlock

The Chicago Resilient Families Initiative Task Force, sponsored by Mayor Rahm Emanuel has an asinine proposal on the books.

I picked this one up from ZeroHedge. My analysis follows.

The report is 50 pages long and you have to wade through 37 pages of sob stories, anecdotes and other sheer garbage, to get to the bottom line.


Sample: The "sample" will be 1,000 low-income Chicagoans.

Amount: Participants will receive $1,000 per month.

Use of Funds: Use of the funds would be unconditional. Recipients can decide how the income can best meet their unique needs and goals.

Duration: Participants will receive the disbursements for 1.5 years.

Benefits: We want to ensure that the pilot does not make people who are most vulnerable worse off by preserving eligibility for existing benefits such as SNAP, child care assistance, and Medicaid.

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