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Hover Junkers for HTC Vive: One of VR's first killer games is like being in a real gunfight


At the very top of that list may be StressLevelZero's Hover Junkers, a ridiculously fun multiplayer first-person shooter that reminds us that gunplay in VR goes places your typical Halo or Call of Duty could never dream of going.

The HTC Vive includes two (rather excellent) motion controllers in its box, but the Vive's real controller is your body. When your head and both hands are being tracked and you have the freedom to move around a space as big as a room, the controllers cease to be the main attraction. They're merely a gateway to the freedom of a fully physical, full-body VR experience.

Hover Junkers is the perfect showcase for that – and it also may be the best argument yet for investing US$799 in the Vive.

Ten minutes or so into my Hover Junkers demo, at StressLevelZero's Los Angeles headquarters, I'm lying flat on my belly, peeking through a crack in my ship's wall, trying to line up a shot on the scavenger firing at me from the opposing hovercraft. Damn, another miss. I raise my arm to fire blindly using the shotgun in my left hand, a low-risk move with an equally low chance of success.