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Opening to Love

•, by Michael Nystrom

Long before the 2012 campaign ended, I was deep in thought on how to keep the essence of this site alive. It could not continue on as a Ron Paul fan boy site - that was clear enough to me.

He had said many times that he was just the messenger. If he were just the messenger, then what was the message? What was the message that could be a daily reminder, contained in the letters P - A - U - L?

I thought about it for a long time: People All United for Liberty. Peaceful America Under Liberty. There were many such ideas, none satisfactory. One day, the AU stood out as the atomic symbol for gold, and the rest fell into place. The Daily Paul would become: Politics (P) Gold (Au) Liberty (L). I was all set to roll with that. But it still wasn't entirely satisfactory. It did not resonate with my heart. Eventually, after much pondering, Peace (P) Gold (Au) Liberty (L) arose, and seemed more in line with my own values.

And so it was decided. I rolled with that for a while, until one day when I was making a new logo for the site, and the L spontaneously became Love. It was not a 'conscious' choice as we think of such things. The idea just arose in my mind - from where I do not know - and I grabbed it.