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I sincerely believe the Ebola outbreak is faked. The goal is either to vaccinate/microchip



Everyone will be so panicked about the ebola, if you try telling them IT ISN'T EVEN REAL (because let's face it, what proof is there AT ALL that it is?) they will simply label you insane and probably turn you in to the FEMA camp down the road.

The big scary men will come and force you to either stay imprisoned in your home (if you're LUCKY) or they will be hauling you down to the local FEMA camp for your own protection since you won't accept the vaccine/chip.

Why do I think there will be an option at all? Well the Bible says that the "MARK OF THE BEAST" will be a choice. Not accepting it means you can't buy or sell and you can't participate in society or travel, etc.       *Thread has incredible info -  more at url

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