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Honest Campaign Commercials: This is what they'd look like

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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While I applaud making fun of politicians and agree it is the most peaceful solution that can be performed upon them the creators of this satire are under the mistaken idea that the "system" is broken and needs fixing.

The bribes are what the system is all about. It always has been. Divvying up the pie is time honored thievery. The fact that you all are the pie and those doing the dividing are sanctimonious well armed thugs is nothing new.

I have no interest in electing the right kind of sanctimonious well armed thug to represent my interests. I can represent my interests and I expect you to represent yours. I need no one to rule over me. I certainly do not want to help them or anoint them to rule over me.

Still I hope they have fun.