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Agenda 21 Coming To A Farm Near You As Federal Government Moves To Ban Family Farms

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The U.S. Department of Transportation in an Agenda 21 style order, has moved to essentially ban a large part of family farms. For hundreds of years family farms have been passed from generation to generation and it has been a way of life for younger family members to learn and work on their farms. New rules being prepared in Washington could change that forever. Apparently discussions are now under way to require farmers to have a commercial drivers license to operate farming equipment. This would require farmers to hire expensive commercial drivers instead of using members of their family.

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Comment by David Jackson
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   "Break the Bank"...Hardly.

    Given the subsidies that taxpayers give to many "farmers", going to the license branch and getting a CDL isn't going to break anything.

   However, this is just another salvo in the war on the "independence of rural Americans". Agri-business is big business. And. it is heavily controlled by Congress, but not so much as to severely limit the graft and corruption that finances so many political campaigns and other "programs".

   If I wanted to control a population, one of the first things I'd do is make certain that I had food production and distribution under control.

   This scheme has been going on for at least 50 years. Think about it, the next time the "feds" pay a farmer or sheep herder for either planting too much or not at all; or, the next time you hear about subsidies to make up the shortfall on exported (cheap) American cattle, pigs, or grain; while, at the same time, WE are buying foreign cattle, pigs, and grain that has been exempted from suitable tariffs. (I don't know about you, but I'm relly tired of being bent.) 

Comment by oswegoscott
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This POSSIBLE law will apply when farm vehicles are driven on a public road--it will NOT affect work on the family property. 

Also--how do you extropolate this to mean family farms will be banned?

Wish you'd stick to the facts-the sensationalization and conjecture remind me of the tabloids--it wasn't always that way on this site. .Of course I think Agenda 21 sucks,but....