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Health 'Co-ops' Are Government Care

• Wallstreet Journal
Responding to a building wave of opposition to the "public option," the Obama administration is now signaling that it may dress up government health care in yet another set of clothes. This time, it will be called a health insurance "co-op." Sen. Kent Conrad (D., N.D.) is floating the idea, Sen. Max Baucus (D., Mont.) has offered his initial support, and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) has listed three conditions it needs to meet. Mr. Schumer's conditions are a national structure, federal financing, and a ban on federal appointees who have ties to the insurance industry. This "co-op" would be federally controlled, federally funded, and federally staffed. Expressing his opposition to smaller organizations and his demand for a national "co-op," Mr. Schumer says, "It has to have clout; it has to be large." He adds, "There would at least be one national model that could go all over the country," which would require "a la

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Comment by Lucky Red
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 Yeah, so's Medicare and Medicaid and public schools and public transportation...and I don't see ya complaining bout those, now, do I?

Comment by rewrite
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Does The Government think we are so stupid to think that Health Co-OP is New ???

Insurance Companies have been offering a Co-Op Group Healthcare for the last 50 years.  Just another CON Job on the Poor Gullible Americans.