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Ill-based Baxter working on Swine Flu Vaccine

• Associated Press,
DEERFIELD, Ill. - Specialty drug maker Baxter International Inc. will work with the World Health Organization to develop a vaccine that could stem an outbreak of a deadly swine flu strain in Mexico.

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Comment by Sinatra79
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I'm sure these vaccinations are going to be absolutely tainted oops I meant absolutely delicious.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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There is no way a drug company could develop a vaccine to immunize people against this latest strain of flu in time to prevent infection unless they were creating a DNA vaccine, or were synthesizing a peptide vaccine. And not planning on conducting any safety studies before deployment. 13 weeks ain't gonna cut it. They have less than two. I am guessing -- if you wish to ascribe non-sinister motives -- they would like to study the potential of adding the strain to next years vaccine (get growth rates, in house cultivation stability, mutation rate). Or theh wanna make a buck.