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Letters to the Editor • Voting: Vote Fraud

Quartzsite, AZ Town Manager and Police Chief conspired with newspaper publisher to fix election? No "clean" election in Quartzsite! Attorney General investigates... At the previous Town Council meeting, it was approved to ask the State for a recount of the vote. Then, facts were exposed relating to evidence of potential felony electioneering and voter fraud at "Call to the Public". At Tuesday evening's regular meeting of the Common Council, Mayor Foster revealed that the State Attorney General's Office of Public Corruption is currently investigating. Now, many are left wondering who really won the election for Quartzsite's open seats on the Town Council on May 18th. After all, less than ten votes separated the bottom four contenders..

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I have no idea why or who blacked out the name(s) in the doc.

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Keep on rocking in Quartzite!