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Arizona Election Officials Are Being Alerted To Another EZ Voter System Failure

• Arizona Daily Independent

The Arizona Secretary of State's office notified county recorders of the issue in an email marked "Critical: Please Verify EZ Voter Party Preferences," dated January 18:

Hello Counties,

We are currently investigating an issue where EZ Voter transactions party preferences as of 1/17/2024 are now containing the word "Party" at the end of the party preference value. As a result, the current AVID system may set an EZ Voter party preference to "Other" by default instead of one of the designated party preferences. This is currently impacting all recognized party preference values.

Please, as you action VR Updates make sure your team verifies the correct voter party preference is selected until AVID is updated to account for this unexpected change. For example, when processing an EZ Voter registration the party may be marked as "Other" and "Republican Party" is written in. This example record would need to have the party preference marked as "Republican".

Our team will follow up with any records that we feel your county should verify. We will provide further updates as they become available. Thank you for your understanding and vigilance.

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