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IPFS News Link • Voting: Vote Fraud

How the Left Plans to Cover Up Potential Voter Fraud


It's a busy time for our writers and editors as we work to keep up with news that seems to be flowing from a firehose. We often forgo vacations and days off and work late nights to keep readers informed.

It's not an exaggeration to say that this could be the most important election most of us have lived through. If Joe Biden manages to limp through the next several months and somehow wins (by hook or crook), it would be devastating to the America we know and love. Illegal immigrants will continue to flow through our open borders, we'll likely get embroiled in more wars, the nation (and the world) will be less safe, and the Left's hegemony will continue, untethered to either reality or the rule of law. 

That's why we're willing to put in the long hours, dig deep in our reporting, and work extra hard to fact-check the Left's lies. It's all worth it because we love our country. 

But the Left is working overtime, too, and unlike in past years, we're facing enormous headwinds designed to cripple us financially and smear our reputation. 

A case in point is an organization called NewsGuard that purports to be the arbiter of truth. While they claim to be unbiased in their fact-checking (which is included automatically in the Microsoft Edge browser and via extensions for others), they go the extra mile to slap conservative sites with "Nutrition Ratings" that warn advertisers to avoid certain content. 

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