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Steve Porak's 4th Stage Lung Cancer & Gerson Therapy

Dear Friends,

              It appears that my cancer is on the mend. Below is a history of my cancer indicators. Keep in mind that on April 10th the doctor gave me 3 to 6 months to live and October 10th will be 6 months.

              May 1st blood test for cancer indicators was 7900

              6 weeks later cancer indicators were 14100       

             6 weeks later cancer indicators were 34700

              6 weeks later cancer indicators were 61500

              Last Monday cancer indicators were 59500

              The cancer indicators have leveled off and appear to be coming down. When I started The Gerson Therapy, I was told that my cancer indicators would continue to go up for the first few months and then they would start to come down. I am not out of the woods yet but my prospects look good. I thank GOD every day for his gift of life and his allowing me to remain with my family for a few more years. I can feel the cancer healing and diminishing in my chest. The pain is less and less every day and my breathing becomes easier every day.

              The Gerson Therapy is not healing my cancer; The Gerson Therapy is restoring my immune system and my immune system is destroying the cancer. I had no idea how important good nutrition is to a healthful life until I started this Therapy. A word of warning to all of you: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU EAT.

                             GOD BLESS all of you,

                            Steve Porak

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This is Steve's Obituary

Comment by Ed Price
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Keep on with it, Steve. In the Gerson book, a whole bunch of patients got tired of keeping on. It appeared that they were healed... after a year or so on the therapy. So they pressured Dr. Gerson to allow them to start eating regular foods again. Finally he gave in. A bunch of them died when their cancer returned with a vengeance. This was when Gerson recognized the addition of iodine to their diets as a method to get the few remaining ones back on track.

Keep on keeping on until you are really healed.

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Wonderful news! May I ask what type of mestasteses you had?

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