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Bank of International Settlements

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YouTube - Reinvent Money - David Rogers Webb

Paul Buitink interviews David Rogers Webb, former hedge fund manager of Varus and author of "The Great Taking". David states in his book that there is a global elite implementing a system to take everything from everyone.

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Kind reminder of how much control central banks officially (and casually) say they want over your money.

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Since Technocrats demonstrably have it in for Capitalism and Free Market Economics, is it conceivable that they would intentionally pull the tripwire on the gargantuan derivative market? The size of this obscure market is well over 1 quadrillion doll

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This article looks at the likely consequences of the Bank for International Settlements' introduction of the net stable funding requirement (NSFR) for bank balance sheets, insofar as they apply to their positions in gold, silver and other commodity