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Psychopaths - How you fight back

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"Psychopaths are social predators who charm, manipulate and ruthlessly plow their way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations and empty wallets. Completely lacking in conscience and feelings for others, they selfishly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret. - Dr. Robert Hare,
Above is the unvarnished opinion of the man who is, arguably, the world expert on the subject, who also provides this list of characteristics of psychopathy.
Read over the characteristics of psychopathy and descriptions of behavior and strategies they employ.
Psychobusters confronts the issue of how individuals can cope with the problem directly, using examples from the lives of three women.
The approach is not without risks and hazards, but if you have a psychopath in your life you understand the costs they are already exacting and can best decide for yourself whether this could work for you.
Because psychopaths study us from inside our world, but are not of our world their behavior does not include the limitations of compassion, empathy and conscience. Their behavior is predatory. We are their prey. Because they lie without conscience they feel no guilt. Therefore, when confronted, either in person or in court, they are often able to persuade listeners and juries. The victim, often already traumatized, is likely to appear frightened, stammering, distraught. The psychopath often appears cool and assured.
Additionally, even in our personal lives, many people decide who to believe based, not on the facts, but who is more likely to benefit them.

Psychopaths use barrages of emotional abuse, directed at their victim. Shocked at the untruths, the victim is often traumatized into inaction, allowing the psychopath to get when he or she wants.
Psychopaths study how to be charming. Charm is the bait which hooks their prey so the reeling in can take place and the evisceration begin.
You never have a relationship with a psychopath, you have just not been consumed yet.
The Gradient in Psychopathy
Individual psychopaths exhibit a range of behavior depending on their inherent attributes for intelligence and other factors. Smart ones are far more dangerous than dumb ones.
Psychopaths who are less intelligent are generally focused on shorter range goals. The more intelligent psychopaths may lay out long range strategies for obtaining their goals, for instance running for Congress and becoming president, a 'defense' contractor, or some other massive accrual of power.
When the more intelligent of these individuals, and at any time 20,000 psychopathic individuals with I. Q.s over 180 are walking among us, gain power in government, finance, or business, their impact is radically increased.
For all of these reasons the strategies used by psychopaths need to be well understood by all normal people so recognition of the psychopathic among us becomes less expensive for us as individuals and as a people.
What we know today – Impact on us as individuals and as a society
While our understanding of the condition of psychopathy has grown enormously over the last 15 years, coping with its impact on us, as individuals, and as a society, has not yet really begun. Yet it must, and immediately.
The impact of psychopaths on finance, government, the judiciary, and business, has grown enormously, along with changes in law instituted by these same individuals to limit their potential liabilities and facilitate their predations.
The more intelligent among the psychopathic study our emotional reactions, emulating these to better facilitate their manipulation of us emotionally and so control us.
The most successful con-artists are psychopaths. As the psychopathic rise in influence they build a culture among those around then which works to modify the behavior of otherwise normal individuals, habituating them to accepting roles in which they, too, act without conscience.
We are vulnerable to these modifications of our behavior, as documented by the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures. This series of social psychology experiments was conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram, measuring the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who ordered them to perform acts which conflicted with their personal conscience.
The chilling result demonstrated most people will follow orders when these come from an individual acting in authority.
Psychopaths, acting without conscience, routinely assume roles of authority they do not possess, but also abuse authority when able to occupy positions of authority 'legitimately.' When these are positions within government these are actions taken 'under color of law,' and are actionable, when recognized as such. However, psychopaths are rarely identified through our justice system as of yet.
Estimates of the losses to all of us through the the actions of psychopaths are not easily estimated, though the one estimate by a recognized expert, neuroscientist Kent Kiehl, placed the national cost of psychopathy at $460 billion a year. Losses caused by psychopaths originate from multiple causes.
Individuals suffer dislocations, loss of assets, decreased ability to work, loss of friends and other relationships, and physical trauma. Psychopaths routinely destroy family trust, the capital, which for all humanity, provides stability.
These costs are also borne by the agencies, public and private, which provide for those in need. Often victims are forced onto welfare and made jobless due to the actions of the psychopathic among us.
Psychopaths are born with the normal range of I.Q.s. Victims lose their homes, their professions, their self-esteem and can be left traumatized and unable to function.
Understand and take action.
Our Personal and Business Lives
Is there chaos in your life? Look for the psychopath, be discerning, it is not always easy to identify the correct individual. In families, others impacted themselves, could be engaging in angry behavior as a result of their relationship with the psychopath. Psychopaths sow hatred and distrust where ever they go.
The psychopath is often found at the center of the web of deceits which can stretch in all directions.
Psychopaths try to get those around them to fight. When those in your family cannot trust each other the psychopath can accrue power and control to themselves.
The cure for this is truth and transparency.
If you are told something about another individual ask them directly, and immediately, for the facts. Give them a chance to defend themselves. A psychopath will attempt to limit your communications through manipulations all of which have the same bottom line, “don't mention this to them,”
Nearly everyone you meet will tell you to put your tail between your legs and hide when you realize you are confronting a psychopath. Their reasons are numerous and founded in undeniable fact.
Psychopaths, having no conscience, have no limits to their behavior except how it benefits them.
All serial killers are psychopaths, all con-men are psychopaths.
In professions and in their 'personal' lives, psychopaths use charm, lies, power, manipulation, intimidation, and extortion as part of their routine means for achieving their goals.
They cannot be trusted. Ever.
The concentration of highly psychopathic individuals increases as you move up the ladder in wealth and status and these individuals are far more dangerous because they are more likely to cooperate.
Psychopaths change the culture within corporations, families, and all organizations where they achieve footholds and power by influencing the attitudes and choices made by those around them. These individuals become, 'situational psychopaths.'
Inform yourself before you start. Become familiar with the increasing body of academic information now available at Life Stealers and elsewhere.
Extracting Yourself
Extracting yourself from a relationship with a psychopath is hazardous. Many people spend years in the attempt, made highly problematical because psychopaths seize control of assets and manipulate family members, persuading them to distrust their target, thus isolating them emotionally and denying them what is needed to escape. Also visit Love Fraud, which has an excellent forum, offering support and advice from those who have escaped.
Changing your name, abandoning your past, family pets, cherished possessions, sometimes even your family, are all issues which you may confront if you choose to run.
The court system has no framework for recognizing the unvarnished fact psychopaths lie consistently and persuasively since they possess no conscience. Our court system is designed taking into account a human being who has a conscience and exhibits behavior which reflects real guilt, doubt, and a normal human reaction to stress.
Psychopaths emulate human emotions, but do not feel them.
Our approach does not include taking the psychopath to court, until and unless, you can overcome these issues by presenting expert witnesses in court on these facts.
On this site we provide information on fighting back using two tools, accountability and transparency.
You must clearly, thoroughly and persistently document the acts of the psychopath, using their name and providing proofs which, if presented in court, would be sufficient to make your case without other testimony.
You must be prepared to be attacked, ruthlessly, continuously, and viciously. Psychopaths lie and will attempt to destroy all which makes your life worth living.
Although psychopaths tend to be loners this is not always the case. They can and will cooperate when cooperating is in their best interests, jointly. Read - When Psychopaths Cooperate
If the psychopath is a family member you must never have undocumented communication with them again.
If phone conversations take place, record them. Copy all communications, make multiple copies and keep at least one off site.
Rewrite all wills and property agreements to end any claims the psychopath might use in the future. Notarize and file these with the court and send copies to all members of the family and close friends with whom you are in communication.
Anything and everything can be used as a weapon against you by a psychopath. Children are routinely destroyed by psychopaths when their spouses attempt to leave the marriage or relationship. Since our court system routinely shows calloused disregard for the well being of children, you must take this into account in advance.
Putting all of these materials up online will both immunize you and help others avoid the psychopath you are attempting to evade.
Make sure you change your locks, get security if you believe the psychopath might present a physical threat to you, your family, friends or property.
Coping with trauma
Anyone who had been through a relationship with a psychopath will come out of it with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Today technologies exist allowing us to alleviate the symptoms and return to normal functioning. Two excellent technologies are neurofeedback, NeurOptimalworks well, though there are many others. Biofeedback is also excellent. See Quantum Alliance
These technologies, and more, are about to become far more accessible.
Freedom from living with the chaos which accompanies the psychopath is sweet beyond measure. You can achieve this peace along with renewed stability.

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Comment by fiteinback
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My brother is a psychopath, narcasisstic pathological liar, and a thief. He has robbed me of a business that I had built after spending 6 years in school to learn my trades and 7 years to aquire all the necessary tools and equipment and building up inventory. It was my lifes work completely destroyed. What he did not sell or give away he destroyed. All this because I tried to expose lies and viscous rumors he was spreading without realizing exactly what I was dealing with and that he a psychopath. I'm 54, handicapped, and struggling to start over. He sold my assetts off a scrap when I was out of town. Invited strangers to our families property to help themselves to my belongings. I am taking first steps with a call to local police filing a theft report and I'm in the process of completing the necessary victims statement and lists of items stolen. And I am filing a small claims suit as well as a civil suit in Federal court. Thanks for the expert advice on how to deal with psychopaths.

Comment by Anon Patriot
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From C4L (Campaign For Liberty):

"...a handful of anti-gun Senators – led by Chuck Schumer – are attempting to add the Schumer “Magazine Ban” as an amendment to the Cybersecurity Act.

That’s why it’s vital your U.S. Senators oppose the Cybersecurity Act at every opportunity."

Tell your Senators to "OPPOSE CLOTURE ON S.3414" ("Cybersecurity Act of 2012")

(This will give their constituents (you) more time to review the final bill, before it is voted on)


(HR 459 passed the House 327-98!, however, the Senate version of HR 459 -
S.202 - will still need a vote in the Senate...)

Contact your Senators, and tell them we need a FULL AUDIT of THE 'FED'!