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The risks of gambling in speculative frenzies and depending on serial asset bubbles continuing forever are easily observable, yet few act to reduce these risks.

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Everyone wants to make a difference in this world, in one way or another, but many times in America those ways and means get twisted, warped, abused and misused, by the most powerful organizations in the world – corporations that run Big Food, Big

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Could you afford to spend $1,000 or more each month on a car payment? Not counting the costs on top of that – such as insurance?

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All individuals, based on their own circumstances, decide whether to save, invest, or spend their money. What each person expects to happen in the future plays an important part of the decision. This is the prime reason why trying to treat the econom

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As our banking system implodes all around us, you may be wondering how on earth we can be financially prepared for the future in a world where our national currency is at extreme risk.

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Shaken by last weekend's two major bank failures in the United States and a wobbly week for Credit Suisse, investors are shifting assets from prime money market funds -- which emphasize corporate debt -- to money funds focusing on government securiti

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Financial experts will tell you that, as a general rule, you ought not to be spending more than 30 percent of what you earn on a place to live – i.e., your rent or mortgage – because if you spend more, you won't have much left for anything else

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Investors watch CNBC and CNBC's competitors for guidance on where the markets are going. CNBC may provide insightful commentary from very qualified investors.