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DOJ-Department of justice

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You can at least, on some level, respect an actual radical as a worthwhile enemy. But the Democrat cutouts for the radicals are pathetic and despicable figures, weak and dishonest, lying to us and to themselves at the same time, and the first to fall

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An interim Senate committee report that condemns Hunter Biden's activities in Ukraine will be referred to the Justice Department to consider whether actions the report found improper were criminal, according to Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky

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On Tuesday August 18th, I had the opportunity to talk to, be interviewed by, and brief the person described as the "main guy", the "central investigator", "the guy who coordinates all investigative aspects" behind the John Durham investig

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I recently wrote a column discussing how Democratic leaders, including Vice President Joe Biden, have argued against continuing the investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham despite growing evidence of misconduct by Justice Department officials and

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A little over one month after Google parent Alphabet, Facebook and Twitter said they would temporarily cease processing police or other official requests for user data in Hong Kong in retaliation for the controversial National Security law,

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The DC Circuit Appellate court ordered the dismissal of the General Flynn case after the Department of Justice dropped the charges against him, but Judge Sullivan refused to dismiss the case. The FBI has yet to provide the original 302, which are not

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The Justice Department on Wednesday announced a superseding indictment in the case against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange, alleging that he intentionally worked with hackers affiliated with groups "LulzSec" and "Anonymous" to target and pub

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The Justice Department (DOJ) has defended an Idaho law that bars biological males from competing in all-women sports, arguing that the U.S. Constitution allows the state to recognize the physiological differences between the biological sexes in sport

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In what would be a monumental move -- and we might ad good for independent media breaking the shackles of the mainstream's ongoing attempts to police content and punish dissent -- Google's total dominance over online advertising could soon come to

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In what appears to be the first case of its kind, two men from Rhode Island have been charged by federal prosecutors with attempting to defraud the SBA-Treasury joint "Paycheck Protection Program" - the first actual prosecution following whispers of