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DOJ-Department of justice

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Judicial Watch announced today it received letters from both the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) stating they will neither confirm nor deny the existence of emails and other communications related to CIA official

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The Justice Department unleashed a legal assault on sanctuary jurisdictions across the country this week, filing a new round of civil lawsuits asking judges to overturn the policies, and warning state and city officials they...

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U.S. Attorney John Durham – charged with the criminal probe into the FBI's Russia investigation of the Trump campaign – has been questioning CIA officials closely involved with John Brennan's 2017 intelligence community assessment regarding d

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Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein authorized the release to the media of text messages between 'FBI lovebirds' Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, many of which revealed deep animus towards then-candidate Donald Trump while they were investigatin

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Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok - who played a central role into the now debunked investigation into President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia - is now arguing that his politically charged anti-Trump text messages are protected under the First

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