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War Crimes

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Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) found himself in hot water recently over comments he made in defense of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, who faces war crimes charges over his alleged conduct while serving in combat overseas. Gallagher is charged with stabbing a


Call it callousness, callit reprisal, call it a policy ofhostile neglect: a millionGermans taken prisoner byEisenhower's armies died incaptivity after the surrender.

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https://www.usnews.comIsrael-Hamas Cross-Border Fi

Palestinian militants fired rockets from Gaza into Israel on Tuesday, drawing retaliatory air strikes and breaking a day-long lull in cross-border fighting between Israel and Hamas that could impact an Israeli election two weeks away.

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Rep. Walter Jones, Jr. turned from pro-war to an antiwar firebrand after he discovered how Administrations lie us into war.

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It Was Called "Protective Edge": Israel Absolves Itself of August 2014 Black Friday Gaza Massacre By Stephen Lendman, August 16, 2018 Three times since December 2008, IDF forces waged preemptive naked aggression on Gaza, falsely claiming the St

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Friday, deep into the 17th year of America's longest war, Taliban forces overran Ghazni, a provincial capital that sits on the highway from Kabul to Kandahar.