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Article Image, By TIM SULLIVAN

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Just outside the entrance to Smile Orthodontics, in a Minneapolis neighborhood of craft breweries and trendy shops, two soldiers in jungle camouflage and body armor were on watch Monday, assault rifles slung over their backs.

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Riots Erupt After Police Shooting and a Not Guilty Verdict Likely in Chauvin Trial (VIOLENT CONTENT WARNING)

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https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

Yesterday (June 26, 2020) the city council in Minneapolis (12 Democrats and 1 Green) unanimously voted to abolish the city's police department. For this measure to come into effect, city residents will have to approve it in a November election.

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While many have condemned Antifa and similar groups for destroying Minneapolis and other cities, Minneapolis city council member for Ward 5 (and son of the Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison) Jeremiah Ellison tweeted Sunday that he is not among