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DOD-Department of Defense

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The Biden administration passes a $40 Billion dollar aid package for Ukraine. Buried within that spending bill are an additional $50 million dollars appropriated for for the Department of Defense for "Research, Development, Test and Evaluation." Wh

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Last week, an open letter from every living former secretary of Defense (with the notable exception of Dick Cheney) and every living chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (with the less notable exception of H. Hugh Shelton) was published on the popul

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As one wag put it, we don't just have "the fog of war" right now, we have a battle royale for control of the narrative being fought with fog machines.

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Elon Musk Rewind -

The leading space company, SpaceX, is collaborating with the UnitedStates Air Force on a massive air defense project that is expected to cost over $102 million.But this project is beyond anything anyone has ever imagined.So, are you excited to know m