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Tom Bowmanl. NPR

On the ground, it's the same story. American soldiers and Marines will leave. Those replacing them, right down to carrying assault weapons, will come from places with names like Aegis Defence Services and Global Strategies Group — eight companies in

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The following information is taken from a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on February 25, 2010. Please read Blackwater Used More Than 30 Front Companies to Obtain Government Contracts. Thanks to Corey Pein of War Is Business for transc

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The PPJ Gazette

BLM’s Wild Horse Stampede Contractor Exposed as Deceptive September 8, 2010 by ppjg | Edit (The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch “Wild horses never made it through hundreds, thousands and millions of years until Dave and Sue Cattoor showed up

News Link • Global Reported By Marti Oakley
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Evan Hill

Hired guns have proved to be a headache for Karzai, killing and wounding civilians and exercising prince-like control over supply lines, in the process making the Afghan government appear as a sideshow in the provision of development and stability to

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Jeff Stein, Washington Post

Even as CIA Director Leon Panetta gave the security contractor formerly known as Blackwater a clean bill of health on Sunday, the firm was plunged into a new controversy over its past dealings, this time in Sudan.

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Warren P. Strobel, J. S. Landay and Joseph Neff

Blackwater tried for 2 years to secure lucrative defense business in Sudan while the country was under U.S. economic sanctions, according to U.S. officials and many documents. . . The Obama administration, however, has decided not to bring charges.