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Notwithstanding all the death, violence, and corruption the U.S. government's drug war has spawned in the United States, it has wreaked much more damage in Mexico. Since 2006, when Mexico began fiercely cracking down in the drug war at the behest o

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Say what? It seems that the mainstream politicians and commentariat have gone so far off the deep-end on the Covid-19 that it takes a pair of socialists from south of the border to clear the air.

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Before he picked up a rifle and joined a squad of armed children, Alex wanted to become a schoolteacher. He'd teach anything - "whatever the principal asks" - because spending his days in a classroom sounded pretty good.

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Ciudad Hidalgo (Mexico) (AFP) - Mexican troops urged some 1,500 Central American migrants to maintain "order and respect" on Saturday after the group attempted to force entry into the country from Guatemala in the hopes of trekking onward to the Unit