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Smithfield Foods is one of the primary pork producers in the United States but like so many of our major companies, they are owned by China. Their operations are located in South Dakota but they were recently forced to shut down because of the COVID-

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Bill Gates Donates Additional $150 Million After Trump Suspends US Payments The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pandemic using false models and bad data. Trump suspended funding to WHO claiming it has "severely mismanaged" the coron

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It's a con as old as the hills. The ancient chieftain of a little territory looks out across his domain and says to his top aide, "You know, we have these clusters of people worshiping different gods. That's not good for business.

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I think were in the middle of a transition to a new era. I'm all for it. We need to change. The present system is getting us nowhere. David Wilcock's prognostications in this article are probably not spot on, but what if they were.