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As the new trade/tech/diplomatic/cultural (in fact, everything but kinetic) war between the US and China is heating up by the hour, one would think that China would do everything in its power to defuse one of the core accusations by the Trump adminis

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"I am reliably informed that the NSA or its partners intercepted at least some of the communications between Mr. Rich and Wikileaks," wrote attorney Ty Clevenger in a startling letter last week to Richard Grennell, Interim Director of National In

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Five years ago, Microsoft's founder Bill Gates warned about global pandemics on a TED Talk. The realized prediction has raised rumors that he is responsible for creating the novel coronavirus and netizens have been questioning the reasons for his hea

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It wasn't long ago microchipping and drone surveillance were figments of the sci-fi movie-goers imagination. Today, those 'conspiracies' are on the horizon, and we must decide soon if we want them to be a part of our future.