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Two Jews Dr. Greg J. Dixon

Two Jews - Jesus and Bernie:  

Jesus – 2000 years ago: "The poor ye have with you always"

Bernie – Fox News Town Hall 4/15/19 – Elect me and my fellow Democratic Socialists and there will be no more poverty.

Lenin/Stalin – 1917:  To the Russian people – Thanks for supporting us and our program of Democratic Socialism, it worked after we killed off over 100 million and turned the entire country into a poverty- stricken gulag.  Before under the Czar we had 1% rich, now under communism, we still have 1% rich.  Under the Czar we had a middle class, under communistic/socialism we have no middle class.  Under the Czar we could worship God, under atheistic communism we can no longer worship God.  Under the Czar the preachers were free, under communism the preachers are in prison.

America at the cross roads, which will they choose in the next election, Jesus or Barabbas?