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•, By Dave Hodges

Is Anybody Else Experiencing Anything Similar?

Sometimes in life, we have a take on a topic, and God will use that interest to communicate with a person through that interest. I just experienced that very event. I used to do 20-30 radio interviews and wrote several articles every year, 25-30 years ago. The issued is dead. However, God has chosen to use this interest to communicate with me about a new set of challenges which bear some resemblance to that fateful day on November 22, 1963. This is a warning that I hope all will take seriously. In my soul, I feel our country is about to experience the same level of deception that the nation did nearly 6 decades ago. This is not a rehash of the JFK's final moments on earth, it is a warning about the present time. 

I have never rooted for regime change through violence. However, I was speaking at a recent conference in Dallas and took the opportunity to visit the site of JFK's death. The Kennedy assassination was once point of journalisitic obsession with me, but until this past week, I let my interest wane in my once relentless efforts to set history right. I still have no real interest in rekindling my efforts as I came to the realization that sometimes one has to admit defeat and accept the fact that the Deep State got away with the crime of the century. However, something has grown out of my once fascination with the assassination, but it really has nothing to with the assassination itself, I believe, for reasons described below, that God is trying to communicate with me through a subject area that I know very well. 

A week ago, I walked the JFK assassination location on Houston and Elm streets. Psychologically, it was a post-mortem event for me, a sort of catharsis related to the false belief that myself and many others could change the incorrect account of history. There was a silent apology I offered to the Kennedy family that we did not overcome the evil forces at work on November 22, 1963 and how they changed America forever. That was the sole intent of my journey to the assassination site. However, I soon got a lot more than I expected.