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by Pastor Butch Paugh

     Got freedom?  Give me liberty or give me death!  Land of the free and the home of the brave! Defenders of liberty!  Inalienable rights!  The state of  New Hampshire 's motto, " Live Free or Die!",WV mountaineers motto, "Mountaineers Are Always Free!"  What powerful quotes and beautiful sentiments!  Yet not one person in a thousand today truly understand what they mean, and fewer still would mean one word of them if  they understood the responsibility of actually living them!

    All America needs, they say, is to go back to the Bill of Rights and The Constitution!  Not knowing or understanding that if we were to truly go back to the intent of the writers of the Constitution, all of the benefits or "entitlements" as we call them, would not exist!  Almost none understand and realize that they could not live long in true liberty and freedom!  And if they understood what freedom and liberty requires of them to be enjoyed and preserved, very few would truly desire what they now cry for!
    As many societies of the past have been deceived into Satan's servant's (tyrants) snares, so goes the most free and open society in history. Gradually, through ignorance and the manipulation of cunning, crafty men, the once great experiment of liberty we call America has slipped into total despotism, and for the most part the people have blindly and gladly accepted the deception.
    Our true founders known as The Pilgrims and Puritans understood and escaped the snares of Satan and his minions called kings and the cult leaders of a false religion!  These righteous individuals understood Prov. 23:1-8, and the warning given in Rev. 18:14.  These men and women had seen and lived with the trickery of wicked men and their beautiful words of deceit!  Their sirens call used to deceive the masses fell on the ears of learned and wise men who would not, and could not heed the lies of earthly ease for a temporary life of false peace and prosperity!  Dan. 8:25 -- The word peace in this verse (Strong's 7962) means false security or prosperity.  Unfortunately just as Israel, America fell because of selfish desires for wealth and ease!  Just as we are told in God's pure, righteous word, the more they (we) prospered, the more they (we) forgot Him, His laws, and the more they (we) sinned against Him Hos. 4:7.  Even as in the time of Jeroboam, many that call themselves the ministers of God now depend on the "entitlements "of the "King" to prosper and exist.  They are called 501c3 corporations!  They masquerade as "The Church"!   I Kings 12:26-33  The King fed them and allowed them "benefits" as long as they preached his doctrine!  As the old saying goes, "you don't bite the hand that feeds you".  Whoever provides your needs and "benefits" becomes your "Lord".  Your provider, protector and ruler!
As Israel went, so too America!  Out of bondage to perfect liberty.  Trusting their holy and righteous God to provide for them through faith in Him and utilizing His creation to "earn" a living by the sweat of their brows with dependence on no man or government.  But again, as Israel began murmuring and complaining, and desired to return back to bondage and tyranny of Egypt for the guaranteed "entitlements" they were given there, so too America.
    You see, folks, you (we) cannot be a free people and "wards" of the state.  According to the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary, a ward is a child under the protection of a guardian.  As we have become!       
A wise man by the name of Benjamin Franklin said, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety."
    To be fair though we have made a much better "trade" than did the Israelites!  They wanted the onion, fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks and garlic they had in "captivity" in Egypt.  Num. 11:5.  We have done much, much better, haven't we?  Wow!  We "swapped" our liberty in Christ as our provider for a much "cushier" lifestyle!
    Let's list some of our benefits ( dainties) we have gotten from the "King's table"! Forget Psalms 118:3-9!  It's surely not for U.S.!  After all, we are always free!  We're the freest people on earth!  That my friends, is a lie straight out of hell!  We are actually 29th on the list of freest countries after countries like Hong Kong (the freest), Canada, England and many more!  Oh well, back to our entitlements!  Social Security, HUD, CHIP, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, free public schools, clothing vouchers, totally free medical care, grants and government funded public transportation, to list a few.  Not to mention how we are "regulated" for our own good!  Mandatory vaccines, helmet laws, seat belt laws, zoning laws, gun control for our safety and "security" and safety checks at airports and public events.  Also road checks to protect us and keep us safe!  Wow!  We did really well!  We don't need faith and liberty in God the Creation!  We have god the state to provide for us!  
    Folks, I will guarantee you that 98% of the people, if given a choice, would choose the latter!  All prisoners are cared for 24/7!  
    Now you know another reason why America will never be free again!  I'm guilty and so are you!

In Christ's Service,

Pastor Butch P.P.P.