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NV Republicrats Attack NV Demublicans

Since Bob Beers, the loudest of Nevada Demublicans has been oustered (buh, bye), Chuck Muth has grasped the conch as the opposition voice of Nevada.  The other side of the echo chamber is manned by Republicrat Jon Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun.

Through unclear means, Muth has obtained my email address and repeatedly spammed it with pro-State garbage.  I have resisted the urge to test his opt-out mechanism in the hopes of some kind of comedy gold.  Today, Muth delivered with a link to a Ralston-Freudian moment.

It seems, one faction of the party is pissed at another faction of the party and has complained to the party.  As Ralton writes, "the state party, trying to squelch the Dump Reid PAC and discredit smashmouth operative Chuck Muth, has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission."

No, really, that's in context.  "The state party" is in the driver's seat.


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 I can only hope that there are no survivors

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