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Republican Weakness Taught Democrats Power Works Better Than Persuasion


Of course, riots, roadblocks, and the like are not persuasive in the sense of being rational arguments. Rather, they are exercises of power, and power has a persuasiveness all of its own.

Power provides reasons for compliance regardless of whether its cause is reasonable. Thus, the Jew-hating, terrorist-supporting mobs currently in the streets and on campuses may achieve their ends without convincing anyone. Intimidation often works as well as argument, if not better.

What they are demonstrating is not the righteousness of their cause, but that they have the power to work their will, from driving Jews off Columbia University's campus to shutting down roads and bridges with no real consequences.

These efforts, of course, depend upon the acquiescence of those in official positions of authority, such as mayors, prosecutors, and university presidents, and securing this compliance is itself a further demonstration of power the radical left wields.

Leftists are granted far more leeway to disrupt, intimidate, and assault, and the consequences, if and when they finally come, tend to be minimal. Imagine the rapid, severe response if major roads and bridges in New York and San Francisco were blockaded by pro-lifers or gun-rights advocates. Contrast the relentless prosecutions of those involved (even marginally) with the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol and the leniency toward those who participated in the far more destructive Black Lives Matter riots of the previous summer.

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