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U.S. Citizens Emerging Power Against Rampant Immigration

Bush and Congress cannot and will not prevail against the will of the American people regarding unchecked, unending illegal immigration in 2008.
Here's what my readers and a few experts have to say…
"Please read, grade and see who stands for our country and who wants to finish destroying what is left of America.  Let us keep track of what they say and then we decide who we will vote into the highest office.   We cannot make another mistake again like we did with President Bush."  ~ Carmen and Joe dontspeakforme.org
"The Congress finally admits to energy concerns of the future.  Yea!  But controlling immigration would seem the most logical, but no, nothing about that.   Let's save a couple of watts and bring in 20 or 30 million more people into our country.  Yeah, that'll do a lot of good.   Like my dad used to say 'It's like 'shoveling shi* against the tide.'" ~ Howard of Phoenix, AZ
"The major problem with our country is the gross corruption and compromise of our entire political system of government.  It extends to the highest levels.   The illegal immigrants that come here have also been the victims of corruption both their government and ours along with corporate America.  Most of the flood of illegals was a result of the passage of NAFTA, which as you must know was a lose-lose situation for the average Latino and American.   We are in big trouble.  Most Americans don't have the ability to be brutally honest with themselves and what is really going on in this country." ~ Barbara
"The Industrial Revolution was so productive that, given the rudimentary nature of governmental and financial institutions, and of the technology of communication and control, capital was unable to deprive labor of a significant share of the national income.   Fast forward to '1984' and Big Brother's e-capability for universal surveillance, instantaneous communication, and control of the smallest elements of one's daily life. "As the supply of labor rises, real wages fall.  Thus, illegal aliens don't have to work for lower wages for them to depress wages for all workers.   Just their presence here increases the supply of labor, which necessarily lowers the market-clearing wage.  Likewise, their presence also increases demand for a wide variety of consumer goods & services, thereby bidding up prices.   "As the American Middle Class continues to be dispossessed economically and disenfranchised politically, they approach the Malthusian state where they compete in 'their own' country for a third world existence with illegals and H-visa aliens.  Insult added to injury: will the tins of 'Soylent Green' have bilingual labels?" ~ John Tomaski
"I fear America is finished.  And when the NAU becomes a total reality, there's no going back. America as we knew it no longer exists.   Instead, we live in a world where we have to fear for our lives when going shopping or going to church, or sending our children to school.  We live in a world where we are not secure, even in our own homes. "I was in a hospital three years ago where there was only one American nurse on my floor for all shifts.  Most of the time I couldn't understand what they were saying to me, and one of them tried to give me the wrong medication.   I wouldn't take it, and she reported me to the head nurse, who called my doctor at home and got herself a good tongue-lashing, because it WAS the wrong medication. "Now, if you can't read English, you can hardly speak English, and you can't make yourself understood to English-speakers, why the devil are you working in a situation where you hold their very lives in your hands?"   ~ Diane, American grandmother
"Once again massive riots have taken place in a Paris suburb which is populated with North African and Arab immigrants.  Over the past week, over 100 police officers have been injured as the thugs hurled rocks and Molotov cocktails and fired shotguns at them.   The violence is a direct result of the large influx of Third World immigrants who have no intention of assimilating."  ~ Dave Gibson
"The only way to save our country is to start following our Constitution the way it was written.  The 2008 election is "do or die" in my opinion.   Who we have in Congress and as President will determine our fate.  I support Ron Paul for President.  The American public needs to wake up and take action, especially immigration." ~ Babs, Belfield, North Dakota
"One third of immigrants (illegals) are on some form of welfare, costing states nearly $20 billion a year – adding that efforts to legalize the spiraling number of illegal aliens will only increase the amount of uneducated, uninsured legal immigrants burdening America's welfare rolls.  Since 2000, more than 10 million immigrants have entered the U.S., more than half of them illegally.  With no change in U.S. immigration policy, another 15 million immigrants will likely arrive in the next 10 years. "The last seven years have been the highest period of immigration in American history," says Dr. Steven A. Camarota of www.cis.org.  "The roughly 1.5 million immigrants arriving each year have a very significant effect on American life."
The question grows: how long before the United States suffers the same fate as France ?  Short answer: not too much longer if the current immigration numbers continue.
If U.S. citizens fail to stop all forms of immigration, this country doesn't stand a chance against its immigrants as they outnumber, overwhelm and thoroughly change our country into something like those immigrants fled.
Unchecked Immigration in any form; a lose-lose dilemma for all Americans.  
The November 2008 election of senators and House members, and the next president will sustain or destroy the United States of America.  If the democrats win the White House, our borders and beloved Republic become a wide-open free-for-all.  If any of the Republicans win – other than Ron Paul or Duncan Hunter – this nation won't survive.  
Think I'm kidding ?  Check numbersusa.com for a candidate by candidate reality check on their stances regarding immigration.

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Comment by Fascist Nation
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The evidence is compelling that as the economy fails (and nothing can stop that) the economic incentive to hire anyone, not just illegals is removed as there are no jobs for anyone, and the illegals will have already left for home (hopefully having long converted their US dollars for things of value like gold or pesos).

So what are you bitching about? Oh, I get it, you need someone to blame for the economic disaster. It wasn't spending trillions more than we could steal per year, it was illegals looting our nation, stealing jobs from Americans and exporting our wealth overseas.

In case you have not noticed, the illegals are mostly gone, and I don't think they are coming back.