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How the Towers fell: Re-examining the 3 WTC “Collapses”

By Thomas Costanzo

The seminar I attended was put on by Architects and Engineers for 911 truth, which was held at Sunnyslope high school auditorium in Phoenix Arizona on 12/01/07.  The seminar was conducted by Richard Gage who is a practicing architect for the past 20 years and has designed many fireproof steel framed buildings.  From his concise and compelling presentation it is absolutely clear he has not only the qualifications to back up the evidence that each of the 3 towers came down as a result of a controlled demolition, even more importantly, he went over in minute detail how the 3 collapses match every SINGLE tell tail sign of a controlled demolition.   

I have been to many conferences regarding 9/11 and I must say that Mr. Gage's presentation was easily the most convincing and irrefutable line of reasoning as to the cause of the 3 towers collapse.   Mr. Gage sticks to the actual physical evidence of the towers collapse as shown from the well documented videos plus the eye and audio witness accounts from that fateful day.  Almost all the information presented was about the buildings themselves and HOW they came down.  When the evidence is laid all the questions are answered THE BUILDINGS CAME DOWN AS A RESULT OF CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

Mr. Gage first became interested in the 9/11 truth after listening to a radio broadcast of Dr. Ray Griffin about 18 months ago.  He became so engrossed in the radio show he pulled his car over to listen to the broadcast and even to show up late to the meeting he was traveling to.   The result was his investigation into the matter and the founding of the organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.  The reason Mr. Gage founded the organization is because the attack on 9/11 served as the pretext to 2 invasions, millions of people dying and loss of our civil liberties here in this country.  It could happen again if we do not find out EXACTLY what happened on 9/11. 

Already there are 226 Architects and Engineers who support the Organization and reopening the investigation with subpoena powers.  There are also 100 Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials Question the 9/11 Commission Report110 - 9/11 survivors question the official story and 120 distinguished Professors also question the official report.

There are many polls which indicate Americans do not believe the official story.  Scripts-Howard poll said 36% do not believe the official story, 16% by the Washington Post, 51 % by Zogby poll and 28% by the New York Times/CBS poll all do not believe the official story. It is interesting to note that before the presentation Mr. Gage took a poll of the 3-400 people in the audience. He asked who believed the official story behind the collapse i.e. the planes destroyed part of the structure and the heat from the fires caused the structure to give way and collapse. There were 39 people who raised their hands and there were 18 who were not sure.   Those numbers would all change by the end of the presentation.  I am going to outline the presentation here in this report and a video is also available www.ae911truth.org for free.

The American people were introduced to Shock and awe on 9/11.  We have had 6 years to come out the hypnotic trance which we were exposed to on 9/11.  It was a myth that the fires burned so hot to cause the beams to give way and fail.  In 10 seconds 110 stories were pulverized into DUST.  The myth breed into the FEMA report that said the airplane damaged the buildings and the fires cause the towers to collapse.  THIS is THE conspiracy theory.

Fire does destroy buildings and has its own time tested and reproducible characteristics.  Fires tend to creep looking for new places to burn.  Buildings fall over because of earthquake, however they remain mostly intact.  Explosions have pyroclastic flows with streamers shooting out, dust going everywhere.  Demolition or implosions building head straight down and is the most common method to demolishing a building.  Timed explosions are starting inward at the bottom of the structure moving outward and then moving upward.   The building collapsing at free fall speeds.  The characteristics of an Implosion are:

All columns are exploded at once

Sounds and flashes produced by explosions

Rapid on Set of destruction at the locations of explosions.

Dust clouds: thick billowing & enormous (from Pulverized concrete)

4000 degree heat, molten pools of molten iron.

Squibs: ejection from explosive charges.

Demolition waves

Total collapse

We started with WTC 7 which was located 110 feet from the north tower WTC 1 incidentally opposite the direction of impact from Flight11.  WTC 7 sustained some damage and small fires on floors 5, 7, 12 and 13. Floors 12 and 13 housed the SEC which had thousands of files relating to Enron and Worldcom cases.  If it were damaged by debris from the falling WTC 1 or 2 it should have fallen towards the damaged side instead it fell straight down. In fact Dan Rather commented that “was deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down.”

WTC 7 was an extremely secure building 47 stories tall, larger than any building in 33 states housing the: CIA, IRS, Department of Defense, SEC and the NYC emergency management offices. It collapsed 7 hours after the WTC 1 and 2 without much media attention.  Larry Silverstein said “he and the fire department made the decision to ‘Pull’ the building”. Fire departments don’t “pull” a building that is what demolitions companies do.

How do you bring down a 47 story building inside its own footprint?  There are 24 columns that all need to be blow out within a 10th of a second. Then ½ a second later you have to blow out the 57 perimeter columns again all within a 10th of a second.   We then watched 3 separate videos documenting the perfect demolition.  Eye witness accounts state shockwaves windows being blown out and thunder and then the building coming down.

There are pyroclastic flows moving at 35 miles per hour.  No modern steel framed building has ever fallen because of fire.  A building in Caracas Venezuela burned for 17 hours and did not fall over.  A building in Los Angeles California burned for 3.5 hours.  Buildings that fall down always FALL OVER they don't disintegrate and pulverize themselves into DUST.

The official investigation of WTC 7 was done by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) this organization is heavily dependent on 10 million dollar plus contracts from the government.  Also Federal emergency Management Agency (FEMA) investigated the matter and spent only $600,000 on the investigation. When Bill Clinton was investigated for his affair with Monica Lewinsky the government spent 40 MILLION DOLLARS.

FEMA in its own report said there was a small debris field typical of a demolition with pyroclastic flows. And said fire had a low probability of collapse.  The site was completely scrubbed with no chance to re-investigate.  Senator Max Cleland resigned and called the investigation a complete compromise.

FEMA then subcontracted with the Applied Research Associates (ARA) to investigate and but would not allow them to investigate the floors 1-7 and the 47th…WHY?

There is an acceleration of the building falling speed that is consistent with gravity we looked at an Italian show called “Matrix” of a demolition side by side with WTC 7 and the fall rate is identical.  We also see slow motion video of the squibs, which are ejections of explosive gases from the exterior of the building.  At the bottom of the debris tons of molten metal were found which were OMITTED by FEMA, NIST and the 9/11 commission report!

There was foreknowledge of the actual event.  Fire Chief Nick Visconti said in interview with Firehouse magazine “we have to move the command post that building is coming down” also there is police and construction workers who knew the building was coming down.  Further a BBC story is run 20 minutes mentioning the building has already fallen yet it is in the background as the reporter is telling the story that the building has fallen!

At this point we have a review and it is clear that the building was a controlled demolition as is exhibits EVERY SINGLE characteristic of out of a controlled demolition.

Before moving on to WTC 1 and 2 Mr. Gage polls the audience and we find there are now only 2 people believe in the fire theory and 3 that are still unsure.

WTC 1 and 2 were engineered by John Skilling and won awards for innovation they were 1368 feet tall and 1 acre in surface area.  The building were actually in need of 5-15 BILLION dollars worth of renovation as the cladding was coming loose on the exterior of the building and scaffolding would need to be erected in order to correct the problem.  Plus there was need to remove the asbestos in the building at a cost of 800 million dollars.  Much of the space was unrented and the port authority had denied permits for demolition on multiple occasions.  In effect the buildings were condemned structures.

The WTC complex was leased for 99 years by Larry Silverstein just 3 month prior to 9/11. Silverstein invested only 15 million dollars of his own money.  Silverstein paid 3.2 billion for obsolete building needing 15 BILLION in repairs?  The lease had an all important escape clause “If the buildings were struck by act terrorism then all obligations under the lease are void”.   As a result the Mr. Silverstein did not have to make the remaining payments of 3.2 billion and collected 7 BILLION dollars from the insurance companies from an investment of only 15 million!  The insurance companies also made out, as they raised their premiums by 2000%!

The buildings were designed around 47 steel massive girders 36 inches across and 4 inches thick at the base.  The steel design makes a great heat sink meaning excessive heat would be wicked away by the metal frame.  In fact no steel that was analyzed had any evidence of being any hotter then 500 degrees. Any collapse around the perimeter would have left the massive steel core intact.  Also the collapse because of design failure would have left the floors stacked up and not pulverized into dust as they were at ground zero. 

The design team also had accounted for a 707 ramming into the building at 600 MPH.  A 707 is approximately the same weight as the planes that actually flew into the towers on 9/11.  The building were designed to withstand the force of 30 times the energy of the planes from wind load.

The North Tower was hit at 8:46 am and the south Tower was hit at 9:05 am both towers withstood the force of the impact and the south tower received a less direct impact yet is was the first to fall this question has still yet to be addressed.

The animations provided to the public on the PBS show “why the towers fell” were grossly inadequate. Not showing the massive center columns nor the cross bracing that was both welded and bolted to the structure.  The architectural drawings are now available online at www.ae911truth.org

NIST said the WTC 1 and 2 could not be a controlled demolition it does not start from the bottom.  Duh!

We see video of sights and sounds of the demolitions, including eye and ear witnesses to the explosions. In fact NYC tried to suppress evidence by 503 FDNY personnel of these accounts.  We also have a debris field that is 1200 feet in diameter.   In slow motion you can clearly see the flashes and the squibs of the explosions occurring BEFORE the floor is demolished.  Windows are being blown out PRIOR to the floors being demolished. We have a 600 ton girder (the weight of 3 747’s) thrown 400 feet deep into another building.  Falling buildings don’t the ability to generate this kind of energy.  Bone fragments 1 centimeter long discovered recently on neighboring buildings.

We see pictures of core columns cut at a 45 degree angle that is exactly how a building is “pulled” causing the building to “walk” and fall down.

Ace Elevator had office on the 35th floor and had access to the core columns and was in the middle of an elevator restoration prior to 9/11.  Was this the guise use to place the demolitions? Silverstein replaced the security company with Securecom who happened to have George Bushes brother Marvin Bush as one of the principle owners.

We also see the interesting way the top of the tower starts to fall.  First it starts to fall then it completely disintegrates with huge pyroclastic flows all around.  Further the radio antenna drops first indicting a core failure.

We see how the advancing demolition in slow motion is in advance of the building coming down with debris being ejected at tremendous velocity.  And the rate of fall is only slightly slower than gravity.  Multiple explosions can bee seen in slow motion. We also see the top of the south tower lean to on side then completely disintegrate violating the physical laws of motion.  Next is video of a top down disintegration of a building in Philadelphia in a controlled demolition.  The speed of the buildings collapse is only .3 seconds slower than a free falling object, indicating the massive 36 inch steel core offered absolutely NO resistance to the buildings collapse.

Talk is now on the pile driver theory well the pile driver is completely disintegrated where is it in the video?  NIST says the squibs are caused by increase in air pressure as the building is falling however the velocity can be determined and the speed is 260 feet per second.  Much more energy here than is possible.  Plus the air pressure would be uniform and blow out all the windows not just in one area. And the squibs are 20-40 stories below the collapsing floors above. 

When viewed from above there are no distinguishing characteristics of the original buildings. With the debris field 20x greater than the foot print of the buildings…20x! Shouldn’t we see the PANCAKED floors somewhere?  The rubble height should have been 1/8th the height of the towers yet the height of the debris is only 2% the height of the towers and all dust.   All that is left is twisted metal and DUST! 

Ariel heat density readings by the USGS are discussed with readings heat readings are 1000-1300 degrees at the sites of WTC 1, 2 & 7 on 9/16/07.  This is 5 days later!  Molten metal is found weeks later and the last fire finally extinguished 3 months after 9/11.  The FEMA, NIST and 9/11 commission report omit any references of molten metal. John Gosse the lead engineer for NIST lies when he says there is no evidence of molten steel.

Thermite and thermate traces are found by Professor Steven Jones of BYU and the signature compound 1, 3 Dipherylpopene in both the metal and the dust from ground zero.  Thermite is a compound which is made with iron and aluminum having a high heat and rapid burn rate ideal for cutting metal.  Thermate is thermite and has added sulfur making it work even better.   He also found iron rich spheres in the dust which are indicative of the thermate blasts.  Only the paint on tops cars from ground zero was also corroded off also indicates thermate, however the paint on the sides of the cars is left intact.  FEMA discusses the mysterious sulfidation in its report and not mentioned on the NIST report.

Pyroclastic flows are found in nature only 2 sources: volcanic eruptions and undersea mud flows.  We watched videos of these flows in the WTC 1 and 2.  The ejection actually goes higher than the building itself.  Could a falling building produce them…NO!  In addition 90,000 tons of concrete missing from the cleanup for each building!

Firefighter radio transmissions indicated there are only few small pockets of flames and they can knock it out easily. Structural steel looses about half its strength at 1200 degrees and the heat from a hydrocarbon fire (jet fuel) rarely gets hotter than 1000 degrees.  The black smoke from oxygen starved fires at WTC did not exceed 500 degrees from NIST’s own report.   Do your pans or your oven melt when you cook with them?

The NIST report objective States the report “does not actually include structural behavior of the tower after the conditions for collapse initiation were reached and collapse became inevitable.”  Why would they not want to analyze anything afterwards?   The whole report is based on unfounded assumptions such using extreme heat to generate the 1650 degree temperatures, no evidence of a global collapse in human history for this kind of structure, and violating scientific theory having reproducible results!  Further NIST also failed to publish data used in computer models.

NIST threw out data from UL labs as the test failed to show ANY failure even with a 2000 degree heat and double the load of the building!  The only way the NIST could achieve failure in their jet impact models was to increase the speed of the plane, decrease the angle of approach, increase airplane weight, increase aircraft strength, decrease tower strength, and increase fuel carried on the planes! The NIST simply adjusted the values in the computer models until they got results they wanted to find!

Scientist Kevin Ryan of UL labs was fired when he wrote letter to boss stating “the official story just doesn’t add up” Fire Engineering Magazine states “FEMA investigation is a half baked farce.”

We are now faced with the foreknowledge of the events. FEMA conveniently came to New York on Sept 10th 2001 for a drill on bio-chemical attack.  It took FEMA weeks so to get to New Orleans for Katrina; however FEMA was Johnny on the spot for 9/11!  Rudi Giuliani actually informed the media that the towers were going to fall!  How did he know?  Why didn’t tell the firefighters in the building they were coming down?   ABC news 9/11/2001 12:01 report

Destruction of evidence: Most of the debris from the largest and least understood structural collapse was destroyed with remarkable speed and vim. Conveniently most of the metal was sold off to the Chinese.  This is remarkable in itself as Giuliani himself was federal prosecutor and all the evidence and the crime scene was destroyed.

The presentation ends with a recap outlining the evidence and how it exactly mimics an explosive demolition on every single point.  By a show of hands no one who has remained in the audience for the entire presentation believes the official story.

Conclusion:   Mr. Gage encourages the audience to pass the information to Architects and Engineers and join the organization to promote the awareness of the lies promulgated by the federal agencies and regurgitated by the media.  A non-partisan formal investigation  complete with subpoena powers needs to be performed so that We The People will know exactly what happened to the buildings on  9/11 and the exact causes for the most infamous tragedy in American history!  Architects and Engineers Demand it, Senior Military & Law Enforcement Demand it, 9/11 Survivors Demand it, Fire Professionals Demand it, Professors Demand it, We The People Demand it and History DEMANDS IT!

After the 2.5 hour presentation Mr. Gage answers questions, most of the questioners mention how brave the presenter is with the giving of the information.  Some talk is about HB 1955 and 1959 the homegrown terrorism bill, which turns all dissenting Americans into “terrorists”. Videos and other memorabilia are available for sale in the foyer.