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Much has been made of the pro-illegal alien stance of Mac Magruder, McDonald’s mogul, and spokesperson for the open borders group, Wake Up Arizona. Since my last editorial was published, I have literally been besieged with requests for the locations of Magruder’s restaurants by Arizona residents who are proposing a grass roots boycott against Big Mac Magruder’s restaurants. These feelings have seemingly intensified since the federal court ruling in Hazelton, PA, in which the judge ruled that the city ordinance which imposes sanctions for penalizing employers of illegal aliens is unconstitutional.

It is an interesting legal concept when one considers how a de facto felon, an illegal alien, is all of sudden entitled to the same constitutional privileges as Americans who are here legally. However, these are the times that we live in and the courts often seem more concerned with upholding international law rather than enforcing the United States Constitution.

As much as it pains me to say this, the second part of the judge’s ruling is probably an enforceable ruling in that immigration is a federally reserved power. It is very possible that Arizona’s employer sanctions law will suffer the same fate as the Hazelton ruling.

Americans corporations are becoming increasingly brazen on their stance on the issue of hiring illegal immigration and thus, drive down the wage structure of American working poor and the middle class to the benefit of their bottom lines. .

In the past two weeks, I have received a copy of the same email from several people who have written to McDonalds to complain about Mac Magruder’s stance, as the lead spokesperson, on supporting the illegal activity related to the hiring of undocumented migrants. McDonald’s official corporate stance flies in opposition to what most mainstream Americans desire. McDonalds’ anti-American sentiments are briefly reviewed in the following paragraphs. 

In their opening statement, McDonalds wanted to appear to be following the law when their corporate letter stated that “…we pride ourselves on our diversity and stand by our diverse workforce. I assure you, we are required to adhere to all applicable local, state and federal employment laws and regulations.”  So far, so good. However, McDonald’s true colors quickly began to shine through as this behemoth manufacturer of hamburgers stated that “We strongly support comprehensive Immigration reform. Immigrants have contributed to the growth and prosperity of our nation and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.”  If one were to accurately paraphrase the abovementioned quote, it would read something like this: “McDonald’s Corporation strongly supports amnesty. Immigrants contribute greatly with their willingness to work for below market wages and this makes our owners very happy because of the increase in our corporate and store profits. We care not that you, the taxpayer, must pay over $17,000 to support each illegal alien that is hired by one of our store owners. Illegal aliens have greatly contributed to the growth and prosperity our corporation. Therefore, these illegal aliens need to be treated with respect and dignity because they will not be illegal much longer!”

The letter from McDonald’s goes so far as to encourage the Mac Magruder detractors to actually work for the passage of an amnesty bill. In their form letter McDonalds stated “We encourage those who share our belief that the laws need to be changed to protect employees, employers and ensure the security of our nation's borders, to contact Congress and let your voice be heard by those who can change the law.” The logic is apparent; If all newcomers are legal (i.e., through the North American Union Biometric Pass), then by default, the borders and McDonalds profits are protected.

After receiving a number of these form letters from my discontented readers, I contacted McDonalds to try and make sense out of this thinly veiled attempt to boost corporate profits at the expense of national sovereignty, national security and the wage structure of the American working poor and middle class. When I called McDonalds, I was quickly transferred to a public relations type and I was quoted cereal box answers such as “At McDonalds, we honor our diversity.” I asked, “But what about the law?”  I was told “the law needs to be changed by concerned Americans like yourself.”  I responded with outrage and asked if he meant that I should work for amnesty for illegals?  To that, the McDonalds representative abdicated all corporate responsibility for following the law and stated “You need to contact your senators and congressman” Instead of jumping on the McDonalds amnesty bandwagon, I asked the McDonalds representative for the locations of Mac Magruder’s restaurants. The corporate representative refused to divulge this information.

With the federal judge’s ruling and the simultaneous desire to aid and abet a felony by corporations like McDonald’s, it appears that the fate of the American middle class is sealed. Is there nothing that we can do? Well, we still have the power of the vote. The type of vote that I am referring to does not reside in a Diebold voting machine. The vote that I am referring to resides in your collective wallets and purses. Many of you who contacted me wanting to boycott Mac Magruder’s restaurant stores are being thwarted by the veil of secrecy of the McDonalds corporate office who is keeping the location of his seven stores, as well as the stores of his family members, a tightly held trade secret.

The solution is simple, you have the discretionary power to decide to not patronize any McDonalds restaurant. Certainly, McDonalds is not the only, nor are they the worst offender when it comes to hiring illegal aliens. However, Mac Magruder chose to put the corporation in the poster child position for the right of greedy corporations to hire illegal aliens. Perhaps Big Mac Magruder should get a lesson in physics. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. The message is clear. If McDonalds wants to break United States law, even with the implicit support of some very prominent elected representatives (e.g., Jon Kyl and John McCain) they can bear the consequences of their actions. We do not need marches, banners and horn honking. Simply pack your lunch, save money, cut down on your cholesterol and calories as you quietly sing the jingle:

“♫♫Ba da, ba ba ba, I’m Lov’in It.♫♫” 

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Riders USA have made it their mission to target and annoy anyone and everyone involved with "Wake Up Arizona"!
We have obtained the locations of Magruder's stores and will soon be publishing ALL locations and businesses that prefer breaking the law for profit, to standing up for the rule of law! Join us at www.ridersusa.net to find out the latest developements in our battle to Save our Sovereignty and uphold the U.S. Constitution. God Bless America!