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"We Designed mRNA To Kill" – CIA Whistleblower?

•, By Peter Koenig

And this by Scott Ritter:

"In a war of attrition, grinding the enemy down is just the first part. Stretching what remains until it breaks is how you finish the job."

Scott is, of course, referring to the US / NATO (Ukraine) war against Russia; the latter being close to finishing the job.

The same war-time allegation or strategy, is taking place now in our "civil" (not to confuse with civilized) world, where we, the People, are gradually extending our knowledge of crimes committed during the past hundred-plus years by a powerful clan of elites, coming to culmination in the past four years – is like stretching the enemy, the all-powerful elite, to the breaking point. This crucial moment is near – it is only a question of time, but irreversible.

Light is overcoming darkness.

Many of us knew it all along, that the mRNA vaxxes are made to kill, are part of the depopulation agenda, compliments of the World Economic Forum (WEF), especially Klaus Schwab, who prides himself having authored the Great Reset, concluding in "You will own nothing but be happy".

The UN Agenda 2030, which is supported by the UN Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres, a gutless character put in this position and prolonged in this position by the United Sates, sounds like the God-given salvation for humanity, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Until you look at them closer, and you will see the hidden message behind the SDGs. They are an announced death sentence for humanity.