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The FDA is a front organization that has allowed vaccine manufacturers to pillage the world...

•, Lance D Johnson

The majority of Americans once trusted their government to tell them the truth about vaccines. However, after the covid-19 scandal of lies, fraud and abuse, more people are questioning the entire vaccine evaluation and regulatory process.

What if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was originally setup as a front group for the pharmaceutical industry, and its legal and scientific processes were fabricated to only benefit specific drug makers?

What if the FDA was intended to be a mafia working on behalf of certain pharmaceutical companies?

What if the agency was nothing more than a false authority that was allotted power because the agency was used to pressure Congress into giving Big Pharma dominance over the people of the United States?

What if the FDA used empty office buildings – no technicians, no equipment, no sampling, no oversight – as an affront of regulatory oversight?

What if testing and regulations for biologics (vaccines) never existed in the first place?

For biologics, the FDA is an affront to the scientific method, a façade of regulatory oversight

A paralegal from Pennsylvania – Katherine Watt – is raising serious questions about the history of the FDA and the NIH. According to Watt, since World War II, the U.S. Congress has been passing legislation that makes it easier for the pharmaceutical industry to destroy people's lives, using the FDA as a front.

As the lies surrounding the covid-19 scandal continue to be exposed, more people across academia, medicine, government, science and the legal system continue to question the history and the motivations of Big Pharma and the federal government. If widespread medical and scientific malfeasance can be swept under the rug today, what other criminal conspiracies have taken place, with government agencies getting away with fraud and mass murder?