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The 3 Layers Of The Technocratic State

• Activist Post - Jeffrey Tucker

Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via The Epoch Times

There are three layers to the U.S. state that lord it over the American people and the world: deep, middle, and shallow. It's a typology of how technocracy works in practice. Let's talk about how it works and how the layers interact.

Donald Trump popularized the term deep state, and it is a good one. There is a large and serious literature on the topic. It refers mostly to the long-operating and largely out-of-public eye intelligence agencies and their cut-outs in the private sector. It is inclusive of security agencies, which means CIA but also some portions of the FBI, NSC, NSA, CISA, DHS, top brass at the Pentagon, and more besides.

They are the most powerful force in American politics and have been for many decades. Anyone who calls them out is called a "conspiracy theorist" simply because there is a lack of documentation for these claims that everyone knows are true. They are "classified," Washington's magic term for anything they want to hide from you.

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