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How could the US civil war have been avoided?

• arclein

If the New England states, and Central States had been willing to make the further compromise, that slaves sold into the western territories would be legally converted to indentured servants under a legal arrangement for the western territories, and those indentures sold in new States after Kentucky joined, then the Slave Confederacy could still be aborted after 1808, when imports of slaves became illegal, because a person could not be bound for more than the 7 years after their slavery was converted to indenture. That would leave Kentucky and the coastal slave states as the only places where slavery, rather than indenture, was legal. Since importing slaves was illegal after 1808, and all sales to western territories were indentures, then the slave states would be isolated on the East Coast as the number of slaves dwindled. There would be no fantasy of uniting slave states between the East Coast and the Mississippi, much less Texas.

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