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Trump promises to release ALL the JFK files and reveals who he thinks was 'probably behind'.


Former President Donald Trump pledged to release all the assassination files on President John F. Kennedy should he be reelected in November. 

'This time I'm just going to do it,' Trump promised during a taping of an episode of the All-In podcast, which was released Thursday.

The former president and presumptive Republican nominee was asked by co-host Chamath Palihapitiya what was in the JFK files that Trump didn't release publicly during his first term. 

The former president said he was encouraged to keep some of the information on the Kennedy assassination secret - and then made a bold claim regarding who was responsible for any cover-up. 

'Well, this wasn't CIA that asked me, but I think CIA was probably behind it,' Trump said. 'They wouldn't preferred that I not release the rest of it.'

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who's running against Trump and President Joe Biden as an independent presidential candidate, has pushed that the CIA was involved in the assassination of his uncle. 

Trump was asked by the podcasters about RFK Jr.'s claims when bringing up the CIA. 

As president, Trump pledged to release the Kennedy files but announced in April 2018 that the public must wait several more years because the potential harm to national security, law enforcement or foreign affairs is 'of such gravity that it outweights the public interest in immediate disclosure.'

Some 19,000 records were released by the National Archives that same month.

'I actually did do it. I released a lot, as you know, but when it came to the whole thing, I was hit by some people that work for me, who are great people that you would respect. They asked me not to do it,' Trump recalled.