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Per John Lennon – Try to Imagine . . .

•, By eric

That is to say, Leftists.

Which isn't to say people on the Right aren't cut from the same cloth. Both sides of the same cloth love to pester, harass – and do worse – to people who just want to be let alone.

Let's try to imagine what it would be like if everyone did just that.

It would not be utopia, of course – though the authoritarian busybodies of the Left and the Right always insist it must be in that order for it to even be considered an alternative to the dystopia of Left or the Right.

What about the roads?

As if there weren't any before there was such as a thing as the Left or the Right. As if there wouldn't be desirable things in the absence of the Left or the Right controlling things. Of course there would be roads. They would be different than the roads we have now because they would be roads laid down without seizing anyone's land via the legalized expropriation of land styled "eminent domain." And they would not be owned by the government.

They might be better roads in some ways – and worse in others. But this canard that, absent the Left or the Right, there wouldn't be any roads is as fatuous as the suggestion that absent legalized coercion there would be no food to eat, no beds to sleep in.

Well, how about peace?

Would there be less – or more – if the Left and the Right left people in peace? The question kind of answers itself, doesn't it? This is not to say there would sometimes not be peace, here and there. To expect that the peace would never be breached would be . . . utopian. Libetrarians do not expect that. But there wouldn't be legalized, institutionalized breaches of the peace. Often directed against people who were themselves entirely peaceable. Your neighbor might be a jerk but he would not have the state backing him up. You might have to defend yourself or your property – but there would no way for your neighbor to vote away your property – and make it a "crime" for you to defend yourself and your property.