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Making Nero Proud... Blinken Rocks Out In Kiev As Kharkiv Burns

• Zero Hedge

Update(1654ET): Antony Blinken decided that at the very moment things are at their most dire point for Ukraine's struggling armed forces in Kharkiv amid the new major Russian cross-border offensive, he would put on a concert featuring himself at a bar in Kiev.

It has resulted in near universal revilement, even among some of Ukraine's staunchest supporters.

Independent journalist Michael Tracey commented: 

Not only did Tony Blinken show up at a bar somewhere in Kyiv to play a rendition of Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World," State Department planners brought along C-SPAN to film the thing. The song is a pretty accurate distillation of Blinken's halfwit interventionist ideology

And yes it was actually covered on C-SPAN.