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Non-invasive and accessible testing can detect symptoms of Alzheimer's disease long before sympt

• arclein

Imagine the possibility of detecting Alzheimer's disease up to 15 years before the onset of symptoms. By using retinal imaging available through a telehealth model, University of Waterloo physics professor Dr. Melanie Campbell and her company LumeNeuro are looking to change the game in the early detection of Alzheimer's and other brain diseases for those who might not otherwise have access to life-changing care. Knowing about multiple diseases is important to creating the best treatment plan. Using polarized light, LumeNeuro's device detects multiple types of protein deposits in the retina that act as biomarkers for Alzheimer's and other brain diseases. The device does not use any dyes on the eyes, which means patients can be in and out within 10 minutes and still receive life-altering results. The device produces images that highlight proteins long before symptoms occur. Early detection can enable patients and their health care teams to create long-term plans to slow the onse