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If we're on the side of good, we should know it's okay to have differing opinions

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Good question.

Before we get to Dr. Nass' very sensible article, I would like to add a personal note.

Don't let divide-and-conquer tactics become our downfall. Stay focused on who is trying to maim, kill and control us.  Remember the rocks, pebbles and sand analogy? If you fill the jar with sand, you will not have room for the rocks or pebbles.  It applies to our uniting against the Globalists and their nefarious plans as well. 

I'll offer my take on how to determine our priorities to survive the Globalists' onslaught and come out of the other side as victorious and uniquely created human beings.

I imagine the Globalists' onslaught as a fork they are trying to stab us with.

The handle of the fork is spiritual and the hand that holds the fork is satan.  While the Globalists seek to corrupt and have control over everything on Earth, satan seeks to tear you away from God and cause you to commit the most horrific sins until God finally gives up on his creation as it cannot be saved and the only option He has left is to destroy it.