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Insect Biodiversity Plummeting As Global Food Supply Teeters Toward Collapse

•, by Ethan Huff

This is really bad news for the food supply, which relies on precious pollinators like bees to keep the life cycle going. Without these vital critters, there will be no more food available for anyone, including the rich and sinister who think they are going to somehow escape the horrors they are unleashing.

There are many reasons why insect biodiversity is crumbling to dust, including fragmentation and loss of habitat; pollution from LED lighting, microplastics and synthetic pesticides; the growing spread of viral "super" pathogens and parasites; and a changing climate.

"These significant declines in populations of managed and native bees and other pollinators are destroying production agriculture," says Ken Chandler, a director of agricultural studies at a school in Iowa.

Chandler would add that with the way things are going, there are going to be billions of dollars in economic losses just in 2024 alone.

"Our ability to grow food is no longer a given," he said somberly.

Restoring insect biodiversity wouldn't be that hard

Plants and pollinators maintain a mutually exclusive relationship. One cannot exist without the other, which means if the bugs go, so do all the flowers and everything else that grows.

"Flowers burst onto the scene in northern climes during the spring and summer. Their color, smell, and nectar attract pollinators to land then carry pollen with them, flower to flower," explains Clean Technica. "Essential for plants, these pollinators create the process for the crops that humans eat."