Article Image The global war on farmers and the push to **Q**eat the bugs**Q** (~Alex Newman)


The global war on farmers and the push to 'eat the bugs' (~Alex Newman)

Written by Subject: Food Shortages

Award-winning journalist, Alex Newman discusses a 2013 UN report asserting that meat, chicken and traditional agriculture are "not sustainable", and that a "major propaganda campaign" is needed to persuade people to eat insects instead. He even wrote an article about this in 2016.

"So how are they gonna get people to eat bugs? Well, a combination of propaganda, indoctrinating children and making you very, very hungry... The goal, folks, is not to save the planet. It's not about global warming. It's not about sustainable development. It's about enslaving humanity."

"They want to wipe out small and medium sized producers, centralize food control in the hands of mega corporations in bed with the mega governments. They want to move the population into the mega cities, and ultimately bring about this Great Reset and what they call the New World Order."

This is Agenda 21, which is now Agenda 2030, which 179 nations signed it.

The 5 founding and permanent members of the UN are USA, Russia, France, China and the UK. THIS is why the WEF agenda and the UN Sustainable Development goals are essentially identical- so BRICS nations can pretend to be oppositional.