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Epstein Eugenics: The Plan to Seed the Human Race

•, by Corbett

Remember when—after months of growing awareness of the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein, rising concern over the blatantly illegal cover-up of those crimes, and renewed scrutiny of his "philanthropic" efforts—Epstein was finally arrested in New York?

Remember when Epstein then "committed suicide" in the Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan, where he was being held on sex trafficking charges?

Remember when "Epstein didn't kill himself" became a viral online meme?

Of course you do, because those events weren't just covered by alternative media outlets like The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy, they were also covered (or is that covered up?) by the lamestream dinosaur media. In fact, in those heady days before the scamdemic kicked into full gear, it seemed talk about Epstein was well-nigh inescapable.

So, do you remember how that same lamestream media continued its limited hangout coverage of the Epstein op for years? Remember the flood of podcasts and video reports and "special investigative series" on the Epstein rabbit hole, always promising sensational new revelations about the case but only delivering tawdry, sensationalistic claptrap?

Again, I'm sure you do.

And do you remember how Whitney Webb dove straight down that rabbit hole with One Nation Under Blackmail and—in two incredibly dense, extensively footnoted volumes—blew the lid off of the almost-completely neglected financial and intelligence aspects of the Epstein story?

As a Corbett Reporteer, you probably do remember that (if only because you saw my interview with Webb about her book).