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QR CODE TO LEAVE YOUR TOWN! - Canada Forces Digital IDs & Social Credit!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the news out of Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada, a town near the Gulf of St. Lawrence after the government brought in QR codes in order for people to leave the town which happens to be a series of islands with 12,000 residents. The QR codes will come with a $30 fee. While it's meant for tourists, family members will have to pay the price and be tracked on essentially a digital ID system. People who live on the islands however will STILL need to show their government IDs in order to come and go. This is obviously a direct violation of basic freedoms. The problem is, Canada does not guarantee freedom. This is an issue so many still don't understand. Canada is a corporation and so-called "citizens" are corporate entities by their legal fiction based system. Meanwhile, Canada is also bringing forward social credit scores attached to bank accounts, ensuring that there will be a smooth transition into the technocratic tyranny that is CBDCs attached to social credit, attached to 15 Minute Cities where no one can come or go without permission and those who DO come will be tracked and traced at every moment. Also, when the food and energy supply is purposely destroyed, the only rations will go to the compliant slaves. Trudeau, an obvious puppet does not care about you, nor does any politician. This is a concerted effort to target the soul of humanity and replace it with an absolute dependence. With the Emergency Planning Act in Canada, there are already provisions in place to lock everyone down, seize their property, their children, warrantlessly arrest and kill anyone under any emergency order. The Emergency Planning Act Section 18 details this. Meanwhile, governments are bringing in "food police" in places like New York City to stop people from eating what they want. Chicago wants government grocery stores. Germany wants to ban cars on weekends. 15 Minute Cities are being built in dozens of countries. People are being subjected to digital IDs in countless countries, attached to every financial and government "service" they have. 98% of central banks are creating central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Could it get any more obvious?