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'Treaty of lies. Pandemic of lies. Whistleblowers of truth'…'ViroLIEgy is Wholly Fraudul


"I'm formally confident that acute respiratory illnesses that we call colds and flu are not caused by submicroscopic infectious particles called viruses & are not contagious. I have learned enough to say I think viroLIEgy is wholly fraudulent…I'm also securely of the opinion that global pandemics of severe illnesses are impossible. "There haven't been any pandemics– 'I've read of the failures ever to meet reasonable isolation expectations for any virus.' (source).

The above quote is from Dr Mike Yeadon, and is a reply to a question on his Telegram channel that became so long' that he decided to place it in a post it 'where it's more likely to be read' he said, I think we can try and help in that respect by featuring his post here too.

Due to his experience and knowledge Dr Yeadon has proven himself to be a valuable member of the 'truth movement' for the last few years and has shown an authenticity that has remained throughout. An example of this can be seen in the aforementioned post, he says: 'Speaking as a man on the Clapham omnibus, I have learned enough to say I think viroLIEgy is wholly fraudulent. Speaking as Dr Mike Yeadon, PhD, I haven't done enough personal, detailed research to be sure that viruses don't exist, though I suspect that it's true.'

He explains that he makes this distinction as people have the right to know whether he is speaking as an experienced scientist or as a' thoughtful but inexpert person', but he does have 'the evidence' and has read 'primary literature on respiratory illnesses and others.' Nevertheless, when he has shown 'clever people the evidence' underwriting his current position on acute respiratory illnesses' he often finds them unmoved by it.

'Interestingly' he says, one person, years ago, confessed to him that they didn't want to believe what he was telling them, 'because it was simply too frightening.'