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What if it's all long-term conditioning?

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I wrote this commentary in response to Todd Hayen's article "Did the Covid PsyOp fail?", to which I would add a few remarks.

I agree with Hayen: something about the alleged failure of the "Covid PsyOp" feels strange. It "feels" fishy. But what could that be? I will explain this below.

I have written two books on this myself, "Corona – Krone der Technokratie?" (Corona – Crown of Technocracy?) and "Das globale Technat" (The Global Technate). In the latter, the title of which was inspired by Iain Davis' outstanding articles "Understanding Technocracy" and "Technocracy: The Operating System For The New International Rules-Based Order", one of the points I made was that the lockdowns had no medical reason, but economic reasons: By paralysing the economic cycles, i.e. by artificially triggering a deflationary phase (which is characterised, among other things, by a decline in demand), inflationary overheating was prevented, which would have been caused by the monetary policy of the years since 2008 (the last major financial crisis). (For further information on this, please read Michael Bryant's article "COVID-19: A Global Financial Operation")

This policy, also known as "Quantitative Easing", in conjunction with the deliberate zero interest rate policy – which in my opinion served as bait to lure more people into a spiral of debt – could have triggered a severe recession, or even hyperinflation at worst, on a global scale. The so-called "Covid Aids" gave the elite even more power over the economy and society.